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HI! My name is Sarah! I am a stay at home mother of 3, so I am always busy! I love to take breaks from raising my family and the stress to watch my all time favorite show OUAT. This show has taught me to fight for my happy ending! And now I have my own smile emoticon I love being in OUAT FANS Group, and exploring my creative side and my writing skills.I also have just opened An OUAT Shipping Page with my best friend Dawn… that will concentrate on exploring all Relationships on the Show! My hobbies are reading ,writing, being outside, and being with my friends and family !! I hope to meet all of you soon!


Hi, my name is Christian! I currently live in Alabama, U.S., but planning on moving out of the state as soon as I can. I currently work at the Apple Store nearby. I know, not exciting, but I do get to meet new people everyday which is fun! My favorite hobbies are writing and watching T.V. The biggest reason I love Once Upon A Time is because it gives us hope. Hope for a better life, hope that if we truly believe in something, that nothing holds us back from it. I fell in love with the characters because, even though they are fairy tales, they are still relatable. Whether that’s Snow White or the Evil Queen. They are all after one thing in the end, happiness. Hope for a better life. Sure, some of them go about it the wrong way, but don’t we all? We make mistakes, but at the end of the day, we only make them just for our lives to be better. That’s why I love this show so much. Behind the magic and the castles, there’s the hard reality of life. That things don’t come to us just if we ask for it. We have to work for it, we have to fight for it because nothing in this world is handed to us. I’m an Admin for the wonderful FaceBook group, Once Upon A Time Fans. It is a great experience to be able to connect with people all across the world. I’ve made many friends, and I wouldn’t ask for anything different.…



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Favorite Scene Contest


“Hello! OUAT is full of great and memorable scenes, and for it to be great it always relies on the setting where the scene takes place. The show does a wonderful job creating the most fantastic and beautiful sets, which are mostly CGI, but are great nonetheless. So we found some great concept art for you guys! Which is your favorite? Is it Rumplestiltskin’s castle grounds, or is it Emma’s apartment complex in NYC? Vote now!!!

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Our NEW OUAT fan website!


Hello and welcome to our brand new Once Upon a Time fan website!
Our Facebook fan group has grown exponentially since I joined as a member and later as an Admin. My name is Aaron Stephens and I am one of the Lead Admins for the Facebook group. In addition to being a web designer, I am also an international best-selling author. Hundreds or thousands of fans in this group are actually some of my fans on Facebook. I have over 200 thousand fans worldwide, mostly because of the book Angel Academy. It is an awesome little children’s story about a baby angel being born and then watching as he advances to determine what angel occupation he will choose. I hired an illustrator with a “Disney” style and voila! If you are curious, you can check it out by clicking the banner at the bottom of the website.


We are really excited about our new website as we will be able to list some cool things in one location. You might have noticed that our group newsfeed moves really fast on a daily basis. Some things like our contests, fan fiction, and the live stream will be easily accessible. Our website address is really easy to remember also. When the show is airing I stream the show live from Denver Colorado so some of our members can view it who cannot receive the broadcast in their country. I started this in another group I admin, abc Family Pretty Little Liars. If you like that show (on Netflix), you might like that group. Check out that website at: They have their season premiere June 2nd.


As a writer I am also excited to write some “fan fiction”. If you are unfamiliar with the term it simply means someone who does not work for abc, is writing an alternate story using the characters from the show. What if a writer brought in another “world” to OUAT? In my book Angel Academy I brought in the mythical world of Atlantis. What if Atlantis somehow made it into OUAT? Or a character used a bean to be transported to Atlantis? That could be kind of cool. As a writer, your imagination has no limits.


We will be running some fan fiction contests in the group. I am sure there are talented writers in the group. We will actually repost your article/story in OUR website, rather than posting a link to your blog. We want original work on our site, and then you link it to your site. Cool? Writers will be credited on our site. Who knows, maybe a screenwriter or director would want you to come work for them? Our website will get thousands of hits daily just due to the sheer number of members in our group, and the members in Pretty Little Liars who will be joining soon.


I’d love it if you “liked” my page on Facebook. I have two of them. Angel Academy and Aaron M. Stephens. If you were not aware, I am not paid for being an admin, doing the live stream or the website. Thanks friends!
Aaron Stephens
Website & Live Stream Admin
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