Dark Savior … Dark Thoughts

By Aaron M. Stephens, Lead Admin & Webmaster

She snapped her fingers and a swirl of green smoke whirled around her and instantly changed her attire from her leather jacket and black pants into an elegant red dress. Ah yes, her favorite red dress when she was in her own little fairy tale. When “she” was written in the book… by the author. “The author”, she thought in her mind over and over again. The story. His story. Her story. How could this ever come to pass? He just “made things up” as he went along, without a care in the world. His world.


She hated him. And at the same time, she was indifferent to him. He was almost like a God. Toying with her life, her emotions for as long as she could remember. What would life have been like, as the product of “True Love” in the Enchanted Forest? What would her powers have grown to in that land? It didn’t matter. She had the power now. She had more power than anyone ever had. She had the power of the Dark One. It was slowly fusing to her heart of gold. The last gift from Rumple. How she despised that man, and at the same time felt something for him. He was after all, family now.


And what about HER true love? Whom could it possibly be? Can the Dark Savior have a partner in crime? Her first thoughts turned to her first true love, Neil. Oh how he made her heart race. Despite his death, her love for him would live on forever. She knew that. Remembering the happy evil-doings they had together excited her. Even back then she knew things were against the law, wrong and evil, yet she did them anyway. That rush of adrenaline made her heart race. She was unstoppable now. Who in their right mind would ever dare to challenge her? Regina? Ha! Not likely. She would MAKE Regina her slave. The thought of that cracked a grin on her dark face. She glance in the 20 foot gold mirror on the wall. She looked beautiful, but WAY too miss Goody Two Shoes. No one would take her serious if she looked like this. She snapped her fingers again and her dress turned into a dark blood red. She looked sinister and evil. Much better.


If Zelena could time travel and take the place of dead Marion, then why couldn’t Dark Savior also time travel? Time travel is possible. But how? She needed to find out, and there were two people that she could make tell her. She snapped her fingers and she was gone.

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