A Pirate’s Sacrifice ~Our First OUATFANS Member Fanfiction!!

Installment 1 By Leila May

Emma breathed in her emotions as she stormed forward toward Regina, who was in the mist of swirling darkness. She gripped the dagger tighter in her sweaty palm, as she knew what sacrifice she had to make.

“EMMA! EMMA , WAIT!” Killian shrieked from behind her. He reached for her arm, turning her.
“No, don’t do this.” he pleaded, tears filling his sea blue eyes. Emma twitched and moved closer to him.

“I love you.” she stammered. Killian took an intake of breath in the realization of what she just said. She said it. she finally said it. He reached for her collar and placed a hand there.

“Emma, I love you too, which is why I have to do this!” his forehead pressed against hers as her eyes filled with confusion. His hook reached for the arm that held the dagger, knocking it out of her hand.
“Killian! I have to save Regina!”

“No! Emma! You have been through so much! I’m doing this to save you.” he said lovingly. He picked up the dagger and swiped at the darkness.

“KILLIAN! NO!” but it was too late. The darkness was scraped off Regina in an instant and started to wander down Killian’s raised arm. Mary Margaret ran to hold Emma close, to pull her back. Emma fought back, wriggling to get away, but she was too weak , weak of tears as she watched her love sacrifice himself for her. Hook raised his sea blue eyes and looked at Regina, who had ran over to Robin. They then traveled to the Charmings. Hook squinted as all the light inside was filled with darkness. The darkness picked up as it swirled faster and faster until it completely disappeared, leaving Killian as he held the dagger so tightly in his remaining hand, his knuckles went white.

Emma pushed her mother away from the hug, as she ran to Killian, “Killian….. are you okay?” He turned around, still no emotion showing within his eyes. he lifted his left arm up, the arm with the hook, removing the hook and the attachment holding it, he stared at the stump until a hand started to grow. Emma’s eyes widened and her jaw dropped. The new dark one admired his hand as fire started to form from it. he put the fire out and looked directly at the end of the street. HE stormed down the road.
“Killian!” Emma screamed.

“Hook, where are you going?” David questioned holding onto his arm. Killian turned around.

“Finally getting my revenge on the crocodile.” he said sadistically, a grin coming from his mouth.

“No, Hook, you fought that battle. leave it be.” David attempted to encourage him but Killian pushed him away with a blast of magic.

“And you , your Majesty, “who are you to tell me what to do? No. I am the one doing the ordering now, so I suggest you walk away now mate. Believe it or not, I still remember you killing me during “the authors” darn curse.“ Killian sneered.
Mary-Margaret ran over to David’s thrown body all the way down the road.

“Killian, Milah wouldn’t want you to do this, nor Emma” Mary Margaret started to say but was interrupted by a horrible pain on her neck. All of a sudden she was lifted up into the air.

“KILLIAN! PUT HER DOWN!!” Emma screamed running over.
Killian eyes burned into Emma’s as he lifted his other hand to hold her up by her neck, like her mother.
“Don’t you ever tell me what Milah would of wanted. “YOU DIDNT KNOW HER! SHE WAS MURDERED! “Which is why I need my revenge. and you, savior don’t you tell me what to do. ever.”
“Killian, I may not know you very well, but this isn’t you.” Robin Hood said creeping up behind him. “Let them go, because you’re wasting your time for revenge.”
Killian eyes widened as he dropped both Mary Margaret and Emma a couple of feet away from him. He stared at the pawn shop, only a few meters away and making a decision, started to walk towards the shop. When he reached it, he stormed in causing the bell to fall of the door. Belle, who was standing behind the counter, jumped.
“Killian! you startled me! What’s going on outside?” she asked.
As he turned to face the beautiful woman, she turned her head in confusion.
“Killian…. what’s wrong?” she asked worriedly. She touched his arm. “You have your hand back!” She said still very confused.
“Will you ever shut up? Yes I have my hand back! And I am more than good. The commotion outside?” he started as he stepped towards Belle, pushing her towards a wall. Is that I am the dark one , and I have come for my revenge. Where is he?” Killian asked through gritted teeth.
“I-I-I I don’t know…” Belle shivered under the new dark ones touch. He was so intimidating.
“LIES!” he shouted as he pushed her through the wall with magic. She immediately fell into unconsciousness, covered in the dust of the wall.
He ran into the back room to see Rumplestiltskin flickering his eyes open.
“B- Belle?” the weak owner of the shop replied.
“Oh….. Not Belle mate….. The Dark One” Mr. Gold turned towards Killian as he spoke. “oh, what do you want pirate?” he asked not acknowledging Killian’s choice of words. “My revenge.” Killian pushed his hand into Mr. Gold’s chest, retrieving the white heart. “How did you learn to do that?” Mr. Gold said breathlessly, eyes wide of shock.
“When I became The Dark One.” Killian sniggered as he squeezed the heart. Mr. Gold started to shout until Hook couldn’t squeeze the heart anymore, like something was preventing him.
Emma ran into the room holding the dagger. “Killian. Put. Back. His Heart.”
HE did so. “I command you to not kill anyone whilst you are The Dark One.” A blast of magic hit his eyes. as he growled in anger. ”
“I knew you would wreck my plans Swan! “You could never trust me. That’s why you left me up in the beanstalk to die. That’s why you couldn’t let me in.” HE sneered, his nose pinched.
“Killian. I love you. I do.” Emma whimpered as tears rolled down her cheeks and hit the floor.
“How sweet.” Killian said sarcastically lifting his eyebrows and smiling.
“And because I love you I need you to Poof us back to the apartment.” She ordered swallowing back tears.
“Anything for you Swan.” Killian replied swishing his hands in a circular motion, in a cloud of black smoke they were in the apartment, behind the bar.
“Why do you want me here swan?” Emma walked towards Killian, as he took steps back until he hit a wall. Emma was so close to his face.
“This.” she said simply and leant in to kiss him. Killian resisted but soon contributed to the kiss, putting passion into it, cupping his hand to the back of her head. She pulled back from the kiss, seeing Killian’s eyes had changed from dark to confused and sad. He fell to the ground cradling his head, moaning.
“Killian? What is it??” she asked with worry.
“My head…. it hurts…. I’m getting all sort of evil magic ideas that I don’t want….. I…… I nearly killed Rumplestilstkin…… I nearly killed you, Belle, your mother and father…. oh God.” he quickly jumped up and started to run towards the door.
“Killian where are you going?”
“I don’t know, I just need to get far, far away from everyone. Emma, my Swan….. Find Merlin. please.” He said in a rush as fear burned through his body and ran out of the apartment.
Emma stumbled to a chair and sat on it. She sobbed into her hands. Suddenly there was a flash of bright orange light outside. She pulled herself up and looked out of the window. Killian was running in a circle, his hands pulling at his hair as he tried to look around for help. Fire was swirling everywhere. She knew what was going on, he couldn’t control his magic, and this was going to be dangerous!

2nd Installment Coming Soon….

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